Salon Offers? Help!…Where do i even start??

As a salon you want to be busy, you/your techs always working (with an adequate lunch break of course- yeh right!!)

Offers can be a tricky thing but you need to remember that people love an offer! Consumers love to know they are getting a bargain or something that is saving them money, and in a salon something ‘extra’ or ‘special’ is always a winner.
So when formulating your special offers think about your customers or maybe the sort of customers you want to attract into your salon:
1. What are your customers looking for
2. Do you have any new treatments you are introducing
3. Do you have any treatments that aren’t selling to well
4. Do you have some excess product you would like to get rid of
5. What season are you in/ coming into? I.e Summer/ winter etc..
6. What events/ time of year is coming up? I.e Festival season/ Christmas
All of these questions and more, could easily help you create a promotions plan.
Free gifts
If you have excess product that you bought as a bulk buy and is now sitting in a cupboard somewhere, why not give away one item to every customer who spends over £40?
Think about this if your full set of nail enhancements is £35 then the customer has to spend another £5 to get the free product, so when the customer is thinking about it you could suggest she has a pedicure too? Or add a gel polish design to her full set and she will then get the free product…
Combine treatments as offers..
From my observations in salons I always notice that combination treatments get a good response; for example ‘book a pedicure with your next rebalance and save £5’
If we are moving from spring to summer, your customers will be thinking about getting their summer sandals out so this would be an offer that could easily entice
Pay it forward 
If you have bought an offer from your supplier why not pass it on… If you have received some free cuticle oil with your stock purchase you could offer it at a 50% discount.
Make her next appointment before asking for payment.
By delaying payment the client is at your reception desk looking at your retail products on the reception desk, she hasn’t paid yet so there’s still time for her the spot that product before she hands over her money!
Use your space wisely 
Your reception area is a the perfect area for an impulse buy. By placing small ‘pick it up’ items such as a handbag sized cuticle oil, a lip balm, or trial size product whilst you are are booking her next appointment she will be looking at the goodies surrounding her…
Don’t over do it, my disclaimer here is, if you put too much on your desk then it will look cluttered, there will be no direction to the products, the clients eyes won’t be able to take it all in, in that short time frame between booking her next appointment and paying, so you will make no add on sales.
If you have lots of products to show your clients, then space them out nicely in key areas, a couple of shelves placed behind the nail tech with products properly laid out will be seen by each client the whole time she is sitting at your desk, your head is down working on her nails but her eyes are looking forward trained on your shelves…
Rotate your products
Think about how often your clients come back into the salon. Every 2-3 weeks?
If so, rotate your stock every 2 weeks so there is something new or different for her to look at each time she comes in, then instead of the displays looking like they are now part of the furniture and so she overlooks them, she will sit at your desk and say so what’s new on your display this week?
There is a shop I pass every day, and they change their window display every other day! I love it, every time I drive past I’m looking to see what the display has changed to…
Other things to consider are:
– Introduce a friend reward
– Loyalty card scheme
– Introductory offers
– Sending a card with a gift voucher on their birthday
All of the above can give you a great start to creating your promotions plan.
Personally I would try to set 3-6 months of promotions in place ahead of time, so you know what to order in, what flyers/posters you’ll need to create and order, and have time to update your website for each offer/ promotion and also brief your staff so everyone knows to promote the offers and has all of the information they need.
If you have run any offers that have been successful then why not share your experience here.
If you need some help with your offers I am here to help too, we can formulate a promotions plan together that works for your business, simply get in touch for more details on how I can help you work out the finer details.
Until next time

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