Have you ever thought you’ve taken on too much?



Its been a while since my last blog post, and tbh its been crazy busy for me….so much so that i have come to realise that I’m working so hard getting products in, securing  distribution of Mystic Nails for England, Wales and now Scotland too, securing students kits for students starting college in sept 2018, finalising new pigment kit with Sam B for Be Creative, being asked more and more to do editorial photoshoots, LFW and traveling more again…
… I realise i need to get down to solid ground and get all of this exciting news out there!!

Its so easy for me to get lost in what i am doing, especially when there is so much going on all the time, i have to slow it right down sometimes and a good few chats with my good friend and business partner Sam puts me back on the right track.

It’s always busy, which is great, and what you find when in business, is that you work long hours doing a lot of work IN your business without realising that you aren’t working ON your business, and i admit i have been working ‘in’ my business a little too much since the new year… but its hard not to when you have premises / an academy to setup, pricing up products, a stock take to do, as well as everything else you do on a day to day basis. I don’t mind admitting i find it tough sometimes, fitting it all in, and quite honestly i have to put some things on the back burner even after I have resolved to do something.

I do have those “I’ve taken on too much this time!” thoughts going through my head at times, but then thats when its time to take a step back, and I had a good hour meeting with my 2 lovely ladies in my office to discuss the fact that i was doing so much that wasn’t going to earn any money for the business, but is of course essential for the long term running of the business….so what do you do when you feel like you are working IN your business instead of ON your business?

Here is what we did…

Delegate – What can you ask someone else to do for you? for me pricing products isn’t the best use of my time, when there are technical questions to be answered, salon demo’s to be booked, student kit quotes to be quoted, and other things I am responsible for…

Setup Responses – When i setup something new, i now write a response as i go. For example how to deal with an enquiry about E-Filing classes? Its the same information i give to everyone, so why don’t i write the response once in detail so i can send it to every other enquiry after? the same questions are asked each time we get an enquiry, so i have now setup a response email with extra information to what i normally send…  because when i sat down and wrote it all out as a proper response to the question, and saved it in our system, this means either of the girls in the office can now take that enquiry and press send on that email response and the customer has EVERYTHING they can possibly need to know….for the amount of enquiries we get, setting up an email response with all of the information already ready saves valuable time for me every week!

Adding Detail – I have been slowly adding more detail on the Nails and Co website, when something comes up, i think to myself if that person is asking about that it must not be addressed or answered in the information on the website, so i have been going back and filling in extra information when i think of it, it really does benefit everyone, as the girls in the office, although have been through the nail tech courses, are not nail technicians – so answering questions can be tough on them, when you can refer people to the website, or a blog post on the subject of ‘the difference between soak off gel, gel polish and hard gel’ then it makes it so much easier for the customer to find what he/she is looking for and.. keeps reading to find more information on other products while they are browsing…it’s a win win!

Automation – I’m seeing automations wherever i possibly can these days, for those tasks that pop up regularly and can be automated to happen without you having to do anything then i am all over it!!

I’m also recognising that if i put in a small amount of time doing the ground work on a project, i can then give a team member that task to run with and complete!

I have to admit I’m a bit of a control freak….i hate to start something and not know whats going on if someone else takes over, so regular updates are needed for my own peace of mind but otherwise i have come to realise as much as i can do everything i need to in my business, i can’t do it all, and so spending a little more time setting these things up in the first place DOES mean a lot less time needs to spent on doing the tasks in the future.

It really does help to talk through your to do list, to help get your priority list finalised and see where you can work with your team to delegate and assign projects to staff who may just be looking for a challenge or to move up the ranks in your business….

Give it a try yourself, delegate, automate, and spend a little extra time setting something up once, so you spend less time on it in the future, let me know how you get on!

With Love, Rebecca xx

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