There are so many brands of product and training centres in the UK nowadays that we all have a lot of choice.

Regardless of this I still come across techs who work on their own as a sole trader and aren’t updating their own skills, insisting they are fully qualified… Yes of course you are (assuming you have a recognised qualification) but why would you not still invest in yourself  by attending training courses to stetch your skills, expand your services, learn new application techniques and give yourself that chance to improve?
It seems crazy to me that so many techs are watching YouTube videos and insisting it is enough. YouTube is all well and good for inspiration but it can lead to bad habits forming and you being overtaken by other techs as the industry moves on.
Their course is cheaper than yours!
Yes it may be some other company is running a similar course to me for less money, but who is teaching you? What are you going to get out of the class? I once taught a young lady who was still in her last few weeks of her level 3 college course, and she said in her feedback she had learned more in ine class with me than she had all year at college! I was of course trilled for myself but also worried at what the lecturer had been doing with the students on that course all year? There are good and bad courses and classes so a little research is all you should need, exactly who is going to be teaching you is a good start, and what skills you will be coming out of the class having gained?
I think every tech should I undergo at least 3 days training every year, to upskill and keep up to date with the industry.
I once was contacted out if the blue by a solicitors asking me a few questions about the application if gel nails, I politely replied with my answers and the next day they asked me if I would be willing to compile a report for them for a case they had come in, I was paid for my expertise and without going into any details the case involved a qualified tech who had completed her course 5 years earlier then had done no further training since, now she was being sued…
I cannot stress enough the importance of good education and making that investment in yourself and your business, even if you are employed by a salon, if you gain new skills and improve the nails you are doing this means the salon could potentially charge more money for the nail services you are providing therefore some negotiation of your wages could be next…propose something to the salon owner, if you are willig to invest in yourself this tells the salon owner a lot about you and your loyalty to the customers too.
I travelled all over the country to educate myself when I first became a nail tech, and really enjoyed it too, I met some lovely people and learned so much along the way, it’s what I credit for being where I am today,
knowledge is power as they say…
Until next time

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