Why your Gel Polish doesn’t last on some clients and what you can do about it OVERNIGHT!

Its a frustrating one…90% of your clients have no issues at all with their gel polish lasting the distance, but those few clients who always come back with a chip or 2 and have a little moan about the tech they used to go to not having any trouble getting it to stay on, and make even suggesting you use the brand she did!! 😦

The key to it all is a prescription application, it can be disheartening for you and the client when issues occur but knowing what to do about it can be even more frustrating for you. On your qualification class you may not have been given much information, or troubleshooting advice, then you start searching facebook and asking nail tech support groups where you get 30 replies and they all give different advice, arrrggghhh.

If this is sounding familiar, then I have the answer for you, prescription application!

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to clients nails, some need literally no effort at all and they always come back perfect, whereas others need a SUPER PREP and you are still hoping for the best.

I recently spoke to a salon owner having just these issues, a handful of gel polish clients were experiencing issues so she did the right thing and called the brand/supplier. What she got back actually worried me, it gave incorrect information on official brand leaflets…firstly that gel polish takes up to 48 hours to cure (hmmm) then she was told she must follow the application instructions to the letter (which of course is what she was doing having completed the official training and been an experienced gel polish manicurist for a few years since. next she was told to advise clients they must not soak their nails in water when bathing. (ok this one is something we advise as standard)

So you can probably guess, none of this advice actually helped the nail tech or client, and more importantly the nail tech had nothing extra she could do for these clients with:

  • oily nail plates
  • jobs where hands and nails have to be washed a lot during the day
  • damaged nail plates from other NS salons, trying to get their nails back to a healthy condition

These are just 3 more common issues, and clients presenting any of the above CAN have beautiful nails that last too.

Unfortunately this point is where unknowledgable nail tech’s default back to tactics that ruin the integrity of the natural nail – i.e. they file the natural nail more in an effort to aid adhesion

The key is to treat each client as an individual and ensure you have assessed the nail plate and completed a thorough consultation. it is only through a detailed examination (which doesn’t take as long as it sounds…) that you can gain an idea of what you are going to do to ensure the longevity of the nail coating.

PREP as we know is key to any enhancement coating adhering to the natural nail and staying there, so make sure this is done PROPERLY.

Then use your arsenal of products to help you. Products should all be from the same brand, don’t, i repeat, don’t mix brands of products because someone on a Facebook forum said the primer she/he uses is the strongest they’ve ever tried…what is that advice based on anyway??

So ask yourself first… Am I a qualified chemist?
Every brand has a unique chemical formula allowing each product in the range to work in perfect harmony with each other. If you start adding in products with different chemical formulations, anything could happen from exothermic reaction (heating up) to the products actually repelling each other or the chemicals reacting to cause a change such as sending the product yellow.

Now you are using the brand in the way it is intended you have a much better chance of creating the perfect adhesion and coating that will last.

As you may know my company is the exclusive distributor of Mystic Nails so here is my little cheat sheet, taken from the Mystic Nails Product Bible:

Colour Me Prescription Image

With these 4 prescriptive application procedures and some key products, you can now cope with any client who walks through the door.

If you need any further help, i am working on some of the most in depth knowledge videos you’ll ever have seen. They go further than any class, you’ve been on… if you have attended one of my classes you’ll know how much information i give, i could talk for hours on a small subject and show you how to troubleshoot not just ‘do this and you’ll be fine’ i tell you the why’s and where fore’s so you are armed with the knowledge to see the issue, troubleshoot it, and deal with it.
So keep an eye right here at RebeccaOrme.com for more information as i compile these valuable videos aimed to helping YOU.


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