My trip to Hungary with Mystic Nails

Mystic Day 🙂 

A couple of months ago I was invited to go to Hungary for Mystic Day, a twice a year event that Mystic HQ hold and I immediately said ‘I’d love to!’

I decided to take Jess from the office, as she is always trying to find way to get to know the products and the brand more so she can answer more questions when you lovely lot call us for more details, so last week we set out for a lovely 5 days in Hungary!

You can see what we got up to, the new products we saw (and should be in stock at Nails and Co. this week) and the demos, as well as a couple of funny moments too, maybe they were ‘you had to be there moments’ but it certainly made us laugh, lol

Just another little insight into my world, hope you enjoy watching. 

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