MSDS – what the *MSDS* are they??

There are so many questions and it seems a bit of confusion out there for NT’s at the moment. Unfortunately there has been a lack of required or even correct information in some NT’s education, and yes I run short courses just like some of the other Educators out there, but I hadn’t realised to what extent the lack of ‘required’ information spanned until the last year or 2.

I have always run short private courses, since 2008 when i first started educating, and like other brands in the industry, I taught ‘from the beginning’, the fundamentals… and I don’t mean how to PREP a nail, I mean the chemistry of L&P, Polymerisation, the correct way to apply product without it touching the surrounding skin, how to avoid reactions and allergies, the correct structure and how to ensure clients nails don’t get damaged along the way… I mean I have worn enhancements for nigh on 19 years now without damage, allergy or anything else untoward, yet on every FB group for NT’s there is a distinct lack of knowledge that is leading to the misuse of products, mixing of chemicals, not knowing what to do or why a reaction has occurred and its truly heartbreaking that NT’s have been charged for education and been sent out into a job they haven’t been prepared for, knowledge wise.

So I thought I would kick off a series go blog posts with MSDS purely because i saw another post about it this morning and the NT didn’t know what they were.

So MSDS stands for ‘Material Data Safety Sheets’ They are the data sheets that should accompany every chemical used on a person in any treatment. When i say a chemical, that means every single product used on a client. From Ethanol Gel Cleansers to Primers and Pigments. If you don’t already have these from your supplier then you need to ask for them.

At Nails and Co we are the distributor for Mystic Nails and also Be Creative products, so you’ll find all of our MSDS readily available for download anytime on our website here:

What do MSDS tell you?
They give you a whole host of information including but not limited to:

  • How to safely store the product
  • The ingredients
  • What to do if the product is caught up in a fire – what extinguisher should you use
  • What to do if the product touches the skin or eyes

This information isn’t just for your reference, although as you can see it is essential information to know and have readily available but it is also a legal requirement to have.

So make sure to contact your distributor for the MSDS for every product you use.

…and my top tip: Don’t mix the brands of products you use…the random colours of gel polish from lots of brands may look like they fill in the gaps in your colour wheel, but if you use one brands base coat and another brands colour then you are potentially creating issues for adhesion, improper curing and adverse reactions for the client…Invest in a brand and keep in touch with them, they will support you all the way! 🙂

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