How much is Lifting costing you?

It’s the bain of every Nail Tech’s life, clients come back with lifted nails, or worse still, they had lifting and then forced the enhancements off…claiming it was for you to save you the time and bother (doing it properly!)

Lifting can occur for a number of reasons and it occurred to me a while back that NT’s aren’t being taught the fundamentals on some short courses! Talking to as many NT’s as I do each week, it has become clear that NT’s like you have been short changed in their education, and it could really cost you dearly…

While there are the basic rules you follow when creating a set of nail enhancements, each client is different, some have oily skin other have dry skin, some have jobs where their hands are in water all the time, others type for a living, whilst the lucky few are ladies who lunch. Now you’d think the ladies who don’t have to worry about work and what their hands go through every day would be the ones who’s nails come back perfect each time, but its simply not always the case, other factors play a part, such as the hand lotion she uses, the skin type she has, the fact that she just isn’t as careful with her nails as the client you have who has a full time job in a bank handling money all day, typing and coming home to cook and tidy up after 3 kids!

You can start to predict how the enhancements you’ve created will fair in between appointments but this comes with experience, years of knowhow and even then you can be surprised.

So lifting occurs for all NT’s, especially at the start of their career, but for some it just carries on past the point that you think you should have cracked the lifting code by now, and its likely that its down to things you simply don’t know you should know!

This is why after years of supporting NT’s with such issues I decided to create a video series on the subject, because I have seen NT’s give up on college courses, watched on forum’s when the post comes up that they’ve lost confidence and can’t advertise anymore for fear of getting more complaints.

So what does lifting actually cost you?

It actually costs you A LOT!

  • Time with the client
  • Money – In free repairs or full sets
  • Your confidence
  • Lost Clients
  • Bad reviews on social media
  • Your business!

If we just consider the financial implications… Say you have a client come in with quite a bit of lifting, the general rule of thumb is, if the nail is more than a 1/3 lifted – soak it off, but if it can be filed then this filing can take you an extra 20 minutes or more on the normal service, if you do have to soak the full set off then this again is a minimum of 20minutes to soak them in order to start again a fresh.

The example:

So if your full set price is £30 for a 90 minute service then your cost per minute is 0.34pence.
for an extra 20 minutes if filing it will cost you not only that time out of your diary but £6.80 in lost revenue.
If this happens to your clients often, then just 10 clients a week with lifting means you potentially lose 200 minutes of time each week dealing with issues you needn’t be! the monetary cost of this? £68 per week, you are not being paid for.

Per year that adds up to (48 weeks, assuming you have holidays? haha I know what self-employed person can happily take holidays right?) that’s 160 hours of unpaid time with clients fixing lifting issues!

Thats a whopping £3,264 in unpaid work you’ve done!

I don’t know about you but I would prefer that hard work to t=have translated into actual money from new clients I could fit in, if it wasn’t for constant lifting issues…

After seeing so many NT’s struggling with this issue knocking their confidence and robbing them of time, money and their future business, I decided to try and reach even more NT’s by taking my education skills online, and lifting was the first issue I wanted to tackle, so if you are struggling with lifting and worry about that certain client coming back knowing you’ve booked an extra half an hour for her as usual, at no extra cost to her, then this video series is for you.Can you afford not to invest just £29.95 into your business to save you a potential £68 per week in lost revenue and time?A simple login and you can listen and watch over and over again, anytime of the day or night.Plus, I’ll be uploading bonuses too! I already have in my schedule 3 more videos I know will help you further, so they will be added at no extra cost to you, as soon as they are complete. Check out the full details on all 5 core videos you will receive as part of this series here

Check out the details on my new online video tutorial ‘The Lifting Series’ its an affordable investment you can make in your business that will make a difference to your business, TODAY!

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