Why Torque is more important than RPM

If you are in the market for an E-File, then there are plenty out there to choose from but over the last 2-3 years there has been an influx of non-professional equipment flooding the internet, so where do you start when you are looking to buy a good quality, does the job properly, piece of... Continue Reading →

How much is Lifting costing you?

It's the bain of every Nail Tech's life, clients come back with lifted nails, or worse still, they had lifting and then forced the enhancements off...claiming it was for you to save you the time and bother (doing it properly!) Lifting can occur for a number of reasons and it occurred to me a while... Continue Reading →

MSDS – what the *MSDS* are they??

There are so many questions and it seems a bit of confusion out there for NT's at the moment. Unfortunately there has been a lack of required or even correct information in some NT's education, and yes I run short courses just like some of the other Educators out there, but I hadn't realised to... Continue Reading →

The Art of Filing

Ever wondered why the nails you produce are a bit bulbous and rounded when you want them straight, all slightly different to each other on the same client or just not as perfect as you wanted them to be? Or have you even examined the nails you do to see the flaws so you can... Continue Reading →

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